For the first five years I've been photographing, I have not even decided which area of photography fascinates me the most, inspires me, drives me every day onto the street and has something to do with myself.

First of all, I have tried to get to know so many different areas and possibilities within photography and to try myself in it.


Although I was most touched by documentary and reporting from the beginning, I still felt I was not able to take pictures and do justice to stories and people.

I was aware that before I can convince other people with the photos that I wanted to do, I have to convince myself of what I do.

After five years, I feel humanly as well as technically able to make that kind of photos and looking for the stories in the world and implement projects that move me.


Under the heading Early Works you will find the different genres in which I have tried and learned to photograph for myself.

Simply go to the marked text fields and you will automatically be directed to the respective galleries.


I hope that I managed to give a first impression and to show how far I could develop myself as a photographer.