Everything that I've learned in photography, I have taught myself.

When I started my autodidactic training as a photographer in June 2013, I was looking for a suitable practice environment which could challenge me again and again.


Kassel, the city where I lived, was not architecturally attractive, nor was street life so interesting to me that I could devote myself to street photography.

Regardless, street photography in Germany wasn't and still is not allowed to the unrestricted extent that I would have needed for myself.

Even the landscape in and around Kassel did not correspond to the wild character of untouched nature that I would have liked to photograph ... besides, there was no sea, mountain world or desert.


However, I needed an exercise environment for me to grow and so I came to the concert photography, which I actively ran from 2013 to 2018.

At concerts, as a photographer you usually have bad light and have to decide within seconds for the right camera setting. I always decided against using a flash-light and all photographs are made with manual settings and with a 50 mm or 35 mm lens to be as close as it gets.

The musicians are constantly on the move, it's loud, the crowds are jostling and the smell of sweat, smoke and beer

is ubiquitous.


The photos shown here, mostly unpublished, showing a cross-section of the last five years of my apprenticeship as a photographer in which I did not earn a dime.

Without the wonderful support of the Moshpit Crew Cassel, Dirk Schneider of 98 Records and organizer of the Masters Of Cassel series as well as Bodo Steinbrecher of 2BC Events all these photographs would never have been possible and I would never have been able to learn the job as a photographer so freely and carefree.

My special thanks go to you for all the wonderful evenings, the free entry, the free drinks, the backstage passports and making new friends.

My thanks also go to all the bands from all over the world who let me photograph before and on stage, with you and acting next to you.


Thank you all.