They move gracefully in the spotlights of the stage.
Almost weightless, their trained, beautiful looking bodies, perform daring and acrobatic jumps

and somersaults.
Turning, screwing, jumping, running and whirling to the rhythm of the music through the air and captivates the viewer with all its aesthetics.

A game with the senses, authentic and erotic.

Thunderous applause, standing ovations from the stands.The curtain falls and the lights go out.
With sweat-soaked clothes they go to the showers after the show.
Satisfied, tired, worn out and one or two more new injuries adorn their bodies.


But what does it really mean to be a dancer and to make a living as a dancer?


By the mid/late 30s, most of them still live in an shared apartment and with luck, in a small apartment on their own.
They go by bike or public transport to the performances, to the training, choreographic classrooms, rehearsals and workshops.
They work, keep fit and often train for six, sometimes seven days a week, in addition to the performances and suffer injuries, strain and breaks and go on stage even in pain.
Their contracts and jobs are very often limited for a season, for one year and mostly poorly paid.
There is usually no time or money for vacation, for a car or for an own family.
Vacation means performing-free time. Time to detour to their families all over the world and to visit friends; time to do the next workshop, time for application videos, portfolios and auditions.

Victor Rottier,dancer from the Netherlands
is sitting in the small kitchen of his shared 


It's a life out of a suitcase or backpack.

From place to place.

From contract to contract, from appearance to appearance.

If there are no serious or bad injuries, most of them will end their active years as dancers in their early 40s.


The documentary "Off The Stage" is a private look behind the scenes far away from the spotlights.
It's a story of devotion, devastation and pain.
About friendship, warmth, humor and passion.
Dancing is a conscious decision and an attitude to celebrate life.

It's the love of life itself.






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